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Alyssa Cole How to Catch a Queen ebook

Alyssa Cole How to Catch a Queen ebook
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A king must rule

Great Wolf Lodge

Me,Davis,Blake and Jay went to great wolf lodge on Davis and I’s birthday. My memories of Blake from that trip are indescribable. We had so much fun and having Blake their only made it better. I could not remember a time during the entire trip that all of us did not laugh. During the trip all of us bought little stuffed wolves from a gift shop. Jay’s wolfs name was Pooky, Davis’ named his Charlie, Blake named his Freddie, and well I forget my wolfs name. Blake was a wonderful person and I will miss him a lot. Love ya

The Unbeatble Mario Level

My favorite memory of Blake was when I slept over at his house over the summer. We played numerous games around his house and eventually settled down and started to play the original Mario game on his Wii. We played for about an hour when we came across a very hard level. After several attempts we began to get frustrated and vowed that we would beat the impossible level. From 12 o clock midnight to 8 a.m. the following morning we tried time after time to beat the level, but to no avail. Finally five minutes before my mom was…

Blake and Me

My Tennis Partner

I only played tennis in high school for two years. My senior year I played #2 doubles with Blake. I was undoubtedly the tallest player and among the oldest, and Blake was undoubtedly the shortest and also definitely the youngest. All joking aside, this seventh-grader knew WAY more about tennis than I have ever gathered in my life. So naturally, I listened to every word he said and did my best to put into practice every tip he gave me! The number of smiles, laughs, and witty comments we drew from our dynamic appearance was incredible. The number of stunned looks…

Human or Not Human

Blake, you were truly one in a million.  There are so many wonderful words to describe you. There are so many stories of you that I could share, but one of my favorites was during 8th grade year, when you and some of the other boys in Mr. Dick’s homeroom created the game of “Human or Not Human,” which was when we would place either a classmate under a blanket or put several objects under the blanket, and we would have to guess if the object was human or not human. I remember you looking out the door and inviting…

Last Smile

At school, Blake was one of the class clowns. Everything Blake said in class made me smile or laugh, even when they weren’t intended to. But that was all different when I watched him play tennis. Normally, when I would watch an amazing tennis player play, I would feel intimidated and in awe of them. This feeling was even greater when I would watch Blake play tennis. There was such a big difference between the trickster I saw at school, and the focused perfection of Blake when he was on the court. I was never in his group at clinics…


Blake, you taught me never to be bored.
If it was raining outside then we would play ping-pong. And after hours of ping-pong we would try to make up a game that would keep us from being bored. I can’t even count the number of games we made up but one stands out. We called it shoe. We would simply get all the shoes we could find and put them at the bottom of the stair case. From there we would just throw a bouncy ball up the stairs and wait for it to come back down and hope it…

Local Yogurt

Blake- I will never forget how many times Lauren and I would drag you to Local Yogurt after school with us. You were always so happy and willing to go, no matter what you had to do that day. It always took you twice as long to eat yours than Lauren or I, even though we got a bigger size. I don’t think I have ever met anyone calmer and more at peace than you were about life. Thank you for teaching me that eating slow and being at peace is a blessing. I love you.…