Blake's Story

Last Smile

At school, Blake was one of the class clowns. Everything Blake said in class made me smile or laugh, even when they weren’t intended to. But that was all different when I watched him play tennis. Normally, when I would watch an amazing tennis player play, I would feel intimidated and in awe of them. This feeling was even greater when I would watch Blake play tennis. There was such a big difference between the trickster I saw at school, and the focused perfection of Blake when he was on the court. I was never in his group at clinics nor do I remember hitting with him at all before just a week or so before his death. We only had one rally, and I couldn’t help but notice that he was making an effort to go easy on me while I was trying my very best. Before we hit, I gave him this look that said “why am i hitting with you? you’re way too good!” and then he gave me this gorgeous smile. I can still envision it in my mind and I know that I will never forget it. Blake, the last time you smiled at me will be imprinted in my mind forever. I really miss your presence in class and on the tennis court, and I look forward to see you again someday, where death will never be able to separate us.

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