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I only played tennis in high school for two years. My senior year I played #2 doubles with Blake. I was undoubtedly the tallest player and among the oldest, and Blake was undoubtedly the shortest and also definitely the youngest. All joking aside, this seventh-grader knew WAY more about tennis than I have ever gathered in my life.┬áSo naturally, I listened to every word he said and did my best to put into practice every tip he gave me! The number of smiles, laughs, and witty comments we drew from our dynamic appearance was incredible. The number of stunned looks of awe that he earned for his performance on the courts may have tallied only a few less. He knew how to play, and opposing teammates quickly found that out. But Blake also knew how to exercise patience and humility. I always felt a little uncomfortable playing with a small seventh-grader who surpassed me in ability by so much…Yet, Blake must have understood this to some extent, for he never failed to encourage me on a missed shot or a botched play. I guess he will never know just how much this meant to me–just how much more at ease I felt when he would build me up–but it was in this way that Blake showed his maturity and love to me. Playing doubles with Blake was such a FUN time and so rewarding with many entertaining memories. This picture is one that can hopefully last a while for others to see and enjoy.

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