Blake's Story

Role Model


This is how I remember Blake. He was the youngest kid at the lake until Jake came along. Even though Blake was about 7 years older than Jake, he was never mean to or ignored him. No matter how many times Jake asked Blake to play games or to throw a ball, Blake never turned him down. There were many times Blake got left out at the lake because he was the youngest and couldn’t do whatever us “big kids” were doing so Blake never made Jake feel left out and was always considerate of him. This always meant so much to me and also said so much to me about Blake. He was an amazing person and his story has truly inspired me to rekindle my faith and passion for Christ. I will always smile when I think of times at the lake with Blake acting as the “brochure” for the big kids and Lauren referring to him as a “cheese-muffin.” We love you Blake. Thank you for speaking to us all.

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