Blake's Story

First Meeting

I remember my first time ever meeting Blake. I was ten years old, and I was doing a tennis clinic at the club with Blake in my age group. We didn’t talk to each other because there were plenty of other kids and we had never met before. After a few weeks of the clinic, I walked over to the snack bar to get lunch. I was waiting for my friend to show up so I could eat with her, when I noticed Blake walk into the snack bar. He got lunch and sat at his own table. After a few minutes of us both eating and not talking, Blake picked up his food and came over to where I was sitting. He smiled and said “hey, we play tennis together, right?” and I said “yeah.” He said, “Can I sit with you?” and he sat and we talked for what seemed like hours. My friend ended up cancelling on lunch, but I didn’t mind, Blake was a nice replacement. That was the start of a friendship I will cherish for the rest of my life. Love and miss you Blake, can’t wait to see you again someday.

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