Blake's Story

King of the Table

Several years ago, when Blake still played baseball, I was attending a baseball camp in Florida with him. During the lunch break at this camp, everyone would always play ping pong on this old table in the corner.  I remember watching Blake, whose head was barely above the edge of the table and who held the paddle with two hands, beating absolutely everyone that he played.  No matter if they were twice his size, age, or if it was his coach he was playing, Blake would calmly put them away with ease.  To the people who knew Blake, it was hilarious to watch the astonishment on his opponent’s face as the ball went whizzing by.  The only times Blake stopped winning was when he actually ate his lunch or when he decided to let someone else have a turn. (Now that I think about it, this was shortly before Blake switched to tennis for good.)  Just the thought of him standing behind that table with all the big guys eagerly lined up to play him never fails to bring a smile to my face. However, I believe this humorous memory can also represent Blake’s entire life: he was always a little guy doing big things.


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