Blake's Story

Subway Sandwich

Blake, James, Jay and I were returning from a trip from Great Wolf Lodge when we stopped at a Subway. Jay, James, and I ordered our food and stepped to the side to wait for Blake to order. Blake approached the counter and said, “I will have a foot longĀ ItalianĀ bread sandwich with everything on it.” The waiter stared puzzled at the tiny kid who ordered everything on the largest size of sandwich. Blake got his food and we all sat down at a booth and began to eat. Blake was unusually quite so I looked over at him to ask why he was not his usual self. When I looked at him his face was extremely. At first I thought something was wrong, then he burst out laughing and begging for water. He had eaten five jalapenos in one bite. We all started laughing at him and telling he got what he deserved for ordering everything on the menu. After this we all took turns stuffing five jalapenos in our mouths and seeing who could keep them in longest. Blake, who was used to the scorching heat, beat us all by about 45 seconds.

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