Blake's Story

The Great Yellow Smiley-Face Bouncy Ball Chase

One of my favorite memories of Blake, in the short time that I knew him, occurred during a regular lunch period this year. After eating our lunch, Blake, Jay and I decided to play extreme ten with a yellow, smiley face bouncy ball. After a few short minutes, one of the throws ricocheted off the brick and went bouncing away into the parking lot. Immediately, Blake sprang up to retrieve our smiling ball, followed quickly by Jay and me. Oblivious to the honking horns of a few cars, Blake led the charge after the bouncy ball. We were all over the place. The ball was bouncing of bumpers and license plates, changing direction it seemed, almost every second. All of a sudden, the ball looked to be within our grasp, before it took a fateful hop towards the bushes. Bouncing high above our bobbing heads, the ball plunged downward, to be lost from sight in the bushes. Blake didn’t give up. We all then started looking for the ball. Blake found it a couple of minutes later after determined searching, allowing us to return to our game.

I miss you Blake, your fun loving spirit and your kind heart. I can’t wait to see you again.

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