Blake's Story

Joking Around


Last year, when I was in 7th grade, and Blake was in 8th, my friend Katherine and I would always mess with Blake. We didn’t mess with him because we were trying to be mean, but we messed with him because Blake was just such a fun kid to joke around with, and he always put a smile on our face no matter what mood we were in. A couple other friends and I had made a poster in art, and afterwards we didn’t know what to do with it. Katherine and I had the idea to put the poster in Blake’s locker as a joke. After school, we watched Blake as he opened his locker and saw the poster that we had put there. Blake looked around and saw that Katherine and I had started laughing and with a smile on his face, Blake jokingly crumpled up the poster and threw it at us. Katherine and I burst in to a continuous laughter, knowing that Blake was just joking around. Blake was such a nice boy who had such a kind heart. Even though we messed with him, he was always so sweet, and he loved everyone that surrounded him. I was so blessed to know such a special person, and all the small encounters with him mean the world to me. I will always remember Blake for the positive impacts he made on not just my own life, but the life of so many others. 

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