Blake's Story

Blake’s Biggest Win

It was a summer weekend, and Blake’s parents were out of town. Blake and I decided that this would be a perfect weekend do to a challenging tennis tournament! Blake and I, knowing my dad, knew that if we asked him, he would take us to this high level tournament. We rented a Hotel 6 room for two nights, and made the two hour trip. It was Friday night, and we decided to go to TGI Fridays. Dad and I finished dinner in about thirty minutes, but we weren’t out of the restaurant until about forty-five minutes later due to Blake’s slow eating. We then went to get some frozen yogurt and we called it a night. The next morning, we got up at seven o’clock, and went to our first matches. We both won our first matches by pretty small margins, and we knew our next ones would be even tougher. I ended up losing that afternoon, but Blake somehow managed to take down a high seed and advance to the finals. We woke up on Sunday morning, and Blake was ready to play. We went to the tennis park and sat down to watch the show. Blake ended up playing something along the lines of a two hour match but managed to pull out then win in the high level tournament. My dad and I were extremely proud of him for achieving such a great task. After that, we swung by Mcdonalds and got some more frozen yogurt, a favorite of Blake’s. We made the drive home and the amazing weekend was over.

-Carr Bonner

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